About us

Welcome to my blog! My name is Roopesh Sawant and I live in Goa – India. I am a professional VFX Artist.

Why this blog?
I want to explore the konkan in every detail, and in this journey, I like to share my update on this blog.
So I started with Konkan Recipes first, which I had easy to do because in my home my mom was an expert in cooking Konkani Recipe. All this recipe is made by my mom Manorama Sawant. I am just an author. this all are authentic Konkan cuisine recipes.

What is Konkanflavours?
Konkan consists of the Western Coasts of Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka. In these three states, the style of cooking has quite similarities. Since they are neighbors and shares the borders with each other. Konkan Regional food preparation traditions, customs, and ingredients are influenced by each other. Seafood, Coconut, and local spices are some primary ingredients used in their Cuisines. So let’s start Explore Konkanflavours.